2015 – The Third Season

At the end of the 2014 season the front field was cleared, plowed and planted with vetch and winter rye cover crops. This nutrient rich, muck soil was planted in the spring of 2015 with onions and winter squash, expanding Pachamama Farm’s cultivated fields from one to two acres.

Several significant changes were implemented this season including the use of tractors and additional tools like the retrofitted bed shaper, which increased efficiencies and took a load off the farmers’ backs. This season also introduced a Rochester CSA pick up location in the parking lot behind Atlas Eats Restaurant – a welcome addition for city customers who found the weekly drive out to the farm a challenge.

Late frosts in early May and heavy rains in June created a tough start to the season and some crops were lost to flooded fields, Fortunately the tornado that touched down in Farmington in mid-June missed Pachamama by just three miles. July brought much needed hot, sunny days, and abundant harvests followed.

A high point in late August was the well-attended Pachamama Farm-To-Table-Dinner, a collaboration with well-known Rochester Chef Andreas Petsos. The season ended with pop-up markets at Atlas Eats just in time to supply delicious produce for Thanksgiving feasts.

Season 3 in photos:

Nestled beside a drumlin in Farmington, NY