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Winter desk work: planning the 2015 season

Planning for the 2015 season is well underway. I thought it would be fun to give a little peek into the process. Many questions have to be addressed: what crops to plant where/when/how, how much seed on hand vs. how much to order, and so on.

Take a look at the link below:


I recall seeing a quote of Rudolf Steiner’s, the creator of Biodynamic farming methods and principles, that basically stated a simple fact, each and every farm is different. Our farm is a product of our learned experiences from other farms, and from research acquired on our own. Yet, try as one might to be alike differences remain inevitable.

Most of us know the basic idea: prepare a field for crops, sow the crops, and hopefully reap the harvest. Actually doing this, the planning and execution, will vary widely, especially when looking at all the details.

It’s all too easy for our work to feel dull, tedious, or worse. Even the faintest of new light can bring things to life, sharpen our focus. Since I’ve always liked maps, diagrams, plans on paper, and hand written notes and scribbles, why not enjoy our work from as many perspectives as we please?

5 thoughts on “Winter desk work: planning the 2015 season”

    1. They look like a cherry-sized version of a tomatillo, in that they have a skin that dries out and is peeled off before eating. Texturally, they are kind of similar too. They are not too sweet, and have a flavor that reminds me a little of a papaya. They are part of the nightshade family, making them closer to a tomatillo or tomato than an actual cherry.

  1. I love your Field Layout! I do mine all on an Excel Spreadsheet :)
    Can’t take the accountant out of the accountant I guess! Can’t wait to start organizing mine and having Cam out there digging in the dirt and showing me every worm he finds. Love you both!

    1. Awesome! I can’t even begin to think about doing the whole thing on a spreadsheet, although our seed schedule is on Excel. We love the vision of Cameron collecting worms and helping out in the garden. Hope you and baby-to-be are well! xoxo

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