Is Pachamama Farm produce organic?

Although we are not certified organic, we farm using organic and sustainable practices. We use very little mechanization and do nearly all of the farm work by hand, following in the oldest agricultural traditions. We grow our vegetables in permanent composted beds, because we believe that the soil health is best maintained without continued disturbance, which in turn creates healthier and tastier vegetables for our customers. And we use absolutely NO synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals.

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and it is a commitment between individuals and farmers. Members support the farm by purchasing a share of produce in advance of the growing season, and in exchange they are provided with a portion of the farm’s bounty each week throughout the season. Members share in the risks and rewards of the farm, and understand that if a crop is plentiful in a given year, the share will reflect the bounty, however if a crop gets wiped out by insects or disease, members take on this loss as well. Pachamama Farm will not have a CSA in 2016.

What does a typical CSA share look like?

A full CSA share consists of 6 to 12 different varieties of vegetables and herbs each week. This share size is intended to feed two vegetable devouring adults or a family of four. The share offerings change with the seasons; they tend to be lighter in the early summer, as vegetables are still maturing, and then as the season progresses, the shares tend to get heavier and fuller, with a wide variety of produce. (Take a look at some of the shares from Past Seasons.)

Can I volunteer at the farm?

Yes! We accept volunteers, but ask that you arrange a work time in advance, before coming out to the farm.

What will I do if I volunteer?

Our volunteers participate in daily farm chores such as harvesting, weeding, hauling produce, and clearing beds. Please let us know of any physical limitations, and we will set you up to do a suitable task.

What should I wear when I volunteer?

Please dress appropriately for the weather, and be prepared to get your clothes and shoes dirty, farming is messy business. Wear sturdy comfortable shoes. When sunny, bring a hat, sunscreen, and a bottle of water. If it is raining, bring a rain jacket and boots if you have them. Please bring gardening gloves if you own a pair and extra layers if it is chilly. If you have an allergy to bee stings, please inform us and bring your bee kit.

Can I bring my children and/or pets when I volunteer?

Children are welcome if they can comfortably work alongside you on small chores. Because there are some hazards inherent to farming, we prefer to have children accompanied by an adult, rather than have to safely manage them ourselves. You may bring your dog if he or she is friendly, however, please note that dogs are not allowed in the vegetable garden or in the beds. We also have a friendly dog, Tip, that will be here at all times.

Nestled beside a drumlin in Farmington, NY