Ecuador organic farm


Ben and Emma’s journey into the vast world of sustainable agriculture began with a trip to Ecuador in 2007, where they spent time working on an organic farm in the foothills of Mt. Cotopaxi. This experience greatly informed their perspective on small-scale farming, done by-hand, with a close eye to natural cycles. It was here that they learned of the Andean earth goddess Pachamama.

Pachamama, often translated as World Mother or Mother Earth, is worshiped by the indigenous people of the Andes as the goddess of planting, harvesting, and fertility. She is honored as the supplier of life, and is sometimes seen as nature itself.

The farmers chose the name Pachamama Farm to represent their belief in listening to and honoring the natural rhythms of nature, and to working in accordance with Earth’s rhythms rather than against them.

[All photos on this page were taken in Ecuador]

View of Mt. Cotopaxi Ecuador from the organic farm
Ben Woofing in Ecuador
Emma Woofing in Ecuador
Ben-Emma in Ecuador with painted faces
Mt. Cotopaxi Ecuador

Nestled beside a drumlin in Farmington, NY