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Halfway Through the Season

Things at Pachamama Farm are in full swing now that we’re in the height of the season. This was Week 8 of the CSA, and the share bags were filled to over flowing. We made it past the heavy rains in June, when we lost some crops to flooded fields. Fortunately the tornado that touched down in Farmington in mid-June missed us by 3 miles. July brought much needed hot, sunny days, and abundant harvests have followed.

August has us busy seeding for fall crops– more carrots, beets, and radishes, as well as rapini, fennel, collards, daikon, lettuces, and baby greens. We’re looking forward to a great second half of the 2015 season.

Here is a gallery of photos from June and July that will give you an idea of what’s been happening at Pachamama Farm.


Veggies Coming Soon!!

Can you believe it? The first CSA shares will be picked up in less than two weeks! Finally – summer has arrived! We’re looking forward to seeing  shareholders on Tuesday, June 23 – either at the farm or at Atlas Eats.

There’s been lots going on at the farm in the past few months – plowing and planting, cultivating and weeding,  and unfortunately, dealing with frosts and a little flooding (yes, the weather has not always been kind).

But the farmers still have smiles on their faces, especially when they receive gifts of new farm equipment or when a large group of strong, young volunteer helpers show up from Victor High School to get the tomatoes and peppers planted and staked.

Here’s a gallery of photos that documents a little of what’s been happen since April.