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Halfway Through the Season

Things at Pachamama Farm are in full swing now that we’re in the height of the season. This was Week 8 of the CSA, and the share bags were filled to over flowing. We made it past the heavy rains in June, when we lost some crops to flooded fields. Fortunately the tornado that touched down in Farmington in mid-June missed us by 3 miles. July brought much needed hot, sunny days, and abundant harvests have followed.

August has us busy seeding for fall crops– more carrots, beets, and radishes, as well as rapini, fennel, collards, daikon, lettuces, and baby greens. We’re looking forward to a great second half of the 2015 season.

Here is a gallery of photos from June and July that will give you an idea of what’s been happening at Pachamama Farm.


First Harvest

Earlier this week we had our first harvest of the 2014 season. A number of Rochester chefs were more than happy to receive arugula, mizuna, fresh herbs, green garlic, and wild cardoons after the very long winter that we collectively endured. For us, the reward of finally reaping some bounty from the fields that we have been working since early April, was realized through the spicy taste of spring greens as we were harvesting. The weather was clear, the wash room clean, and the cold storage primed, so we spent the morning cutting, foraging,  washing, and packaging our haul.

This week we have a few more varieties of produce to offer our chefs, and we are counting down the days until the start of another portion of our harvesting season, the CSA, which is set to begin June 24. Stay tuned!