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A New Season Begins at Pachamama Farm

We have certainly stayed busy through these frigid months in the country. From selecting seed varieties for spring planting, to planning our production, building a root cellar, and harvesting firewood, our “off-season” has remained quite full of farm-related work. We have enjoyed this time, which has allowed our bodies rest from intensive physical labor, yet we are excited to dive into a new season.

As we start our second season of growth at Pachamama Farm, we are launching this new blog on our new website. We started blogging about our farm in 2013. You can check out previous entries, starting with our first post about transitioning from the clay soil of our backyard garden in Rochester, to the rich muck soils at Pachamama Farm. Our last post on the old blog summed up our first growing season, and there are plenty more in between.

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We look forward to sharing more as our 2014 season continues to unfold.

Pachamama Farm 2013 Blog